Words Confuse

We hear and read words differently from one another, and mistake context because of our backgrounds. This creates and maintains the different atmospheres in which we live, and is the reason why we talk at cross purposes. For instance, we may assume that we have consciousness, soul, spirit when, in reality, we are consciousness, soul, spirit. Even if we say, “I am consciousness, I am soul, I am spirit, I am”, this is not ultimately correct.

Pure consciousness is unattached, silent awareness.
It’s not a thing.

Buddhists say there is no such thing as soul, in the same way that there is no such thing as consciousness. Words confuse because they are a generalisation, and not the experience. Whatever we talk about, it’s out there in the mind; it’s some -ism, some theory.

The truth is conscious awareness, the arbiter, the supreme ruler. But even this can confuse. 🙂 As long as we are confused, evil sees to it that we have no sense of direction.

Words are not truth.
That which realises the meaning is the truth.

“But that celebrity guru said such-and-such!” Once we know, we don’t need to know what a particular celebrity guru knows. This doesn’t mean they don’t know – it’s just their version of what we know … and we’re back to generalisations.

It is because someone says something in a different way that we may doubt what we know, especially if they come from a different culture.

These words being written now are a generalisation. That which is reading and experiencing them – without intellectualisation – is the truth. The truth is never, ever ‘out there’.

Talking confuses.
Our reactions say much more.
Pure awareness of our reactions tells us everything.

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