One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The ultimate truth is our essential nature of pure consciousness.
It is how we can know anything and everything.

There is absolutely no point in believing in the existence of an external reality if there is no consciousness to appreciate it. So consciousness comes first, and then looks out to see what all the fuss is about (and sitting in a pram watching the ‘grown-ups’ is truly bewildering :D)

Although we are individual pure consciousness, there isn’t just one way – no one-size-fits-all – to approach this understanding; it depends on our temperament and abilities, and the fog of information.

There are many traditions, and many ways of looking at our reality. Some are faith-bound, some scholarly-bound, some experientially-bound|: I use the word ‘bound’ as we shouldn’t ignore others’ ways in order to be able to empathise and communicate.

Being bound is the work of Mara – the illusion of evil. We all have a dark side as well as an enlightened side, which are ultimately seen as inseparable. By virtue of one, the other is known. The universe is complete in opposites. The more we can see our dark side, the more we are aware of it. 🙂

Mara is our personal karma/teacher,
and has a precise understanding of our personal weaknesses.

Each of us has to face whatever it is that is holding us back
– our inner hopes and fears –
preventing the realisation of enlightenment.

This is why one size does not fit all.

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