We all have agendas.

 We all have agendas, fixations, defilements, attitudes, confusions, wounds…this is simply part of being human. It’s important is to acknowledge them, but we don’t have to obsess about them. Be kind to yourself: this is what we have to work with. It’s called the path.

If we try to cover up our negative side, this will only make life worse, for us and those around us. Most people pretend and project a ‘good’ image of themselves: this is just an act we play out, from the script that we wrote. There is no point in criticising such actions, as this will just make people act (react) more. So be generous, because – surprise surprise – we are probably doing the same thing!

The more we open up to what we are doing, the less real it seems. Spiritual progress is acknowledging the intensity of ideas and emotions, and gradually seeing them reduce….and then flare up at times!

The more we hold onto something, the more real it seems, and the more hope and fear are in control. Just practise letting go. In a conversation, practise giving up any sense of winning. Who are we trying to impress anyway? Merely be open and listen. Be a real friend.

There are times when we do have to act out. As parents and friends, we may have to stand firm, when all we want to do is hug! Give what you think you lack.

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