Angels & Demons R’us!

When humans first appeared on Earth, so did angels and demons. Wisdom and evil.

There are two forces in this universe – enlightened and unenlightened. So where do sentient beings stand? We have the potential nature of both!

Depending on our backgrounds and education, we will perceive these differently. The first thing is not to assume that you are the good…or the bad. What we can assume is that we dwell in ignorance (not knowing): that’s why we are so attached to these bodies and minds.

There are enlightened beings trying to help us. There are unenlightened beings helping themselves. Both these are to do with our emotions: the emotions are either something in which we indulge, or something we see as wisdoms. Depending on which of these interpretations we lean towards, will determine what sort of external beings we attract.

The greedier we are, the more we attract evil. The more compassionate we are, the more we attract wisdom. Of course, if we are greedy to attract wisdom…?

Within our human population, there are the ignorant – those who just do not ask questions. To one side of them, there are good people, and wise people, who help others. To the other side, there are bad people and evil people, who help themselves.

The wise will supplicate enlightened beings, for clarity and blessings. The evil will supplicate unenlightened beings, for power. The enlightened offer blessings of wisdom and clarity, whereas the unenlightened feed off selfish emotions.

There are greedy, evil people in this world, but that is just part of being human. However, do not think that if we get rid of them, everything will be all right. Those of us who think we are good are here to take their place at any time! There are many forums discussing and arguing about these evil people, but not one of these forums has any unity – let alone, oneness! There are bullies everywhere.

For the world to change, the dynamics have to change first. If a group has too many self-serving members, the group will fragment. If this can change to genuine selfless service, the group can unite.

Firstly, we have to be truly aware of what is going on in our mind. There are a few wise people in the world, but the ignorant will do the work of the evil by wanting to take them down, in this age of the Kali Yuga. The evil are being empowered by unenlightened beings, called Mara.

In Sanskrit, demons are known as Mara. Some call them Archons. Mara know what the wise know, but they do not understand emptiness because they get nothing from it, and that is our protection. They therefore have no compassion, or empathy. They hate love, and feed off negative emotions. The consequence of all this is that we have the choice to become angels or demons: it is in our own hands/minds.

Mind how you go! This is an age-old, internal battle.


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