How not to become a demon.

 The core of the Mahayana teachings is Bodhichitta – the ultraistic attitude enshrined by the Four Immeasurables – Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity…but these aspirations are towards others.

 Most of our time is spent wishing love, compassion, joy and equanimity – for ourselves! “I want to be one with everything!” In this way we create deeper and deeper negativity, and are well on our way to becoming a proper little devils! That’s how it all starts, because we do not continue and complete our practices – our peeling away. We are too ready to peel away and poke at the faults of others: we start to subtly hate their purity, and so cause trouble. Thinking of ourselves as superior, we are ready to condemn.

 It’s easy to do!

 The Four Immeasurables are the reminder to stay on the straight and narrow path, which eventually expands into the wide path.

 Here, love means wishing happiness to others, compassion means wishing they do not suffer, joy means their realising happiness and compassion, and equanimity means this is for all – unconditionally. Here is a traditional daily prayer…it’s easy to do!


May all beings be happy and have the causes of happiness.

May they be free from suffering and its causes.

May they never lose the happiness free from sorrow.

May they be free from attraction, aversion and partiality,

and remain in great equanimity.


From this point of view, the feeling of oneness is unconditional love – one taste, for good or bad. It’s not easy to do!





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