Practical Non-duality Pure and Simple.


Being…is non-duality.

Being…distracted…is duality


 Losing oneself in thoughts

is duality.


Being aware of thoughts

is duality.


Purely being aware

is non-duality.


Resting in pure awareness,

thoughts can arise,

but now they are not in control.

They are merely an expression of pure awareness.


 When Essence (pure awareness) is caught up in thoughts, it is distracted, misdirected and can be manipulated. It has learnt to believe in what it sees as real, when it is merely a distraction from the only reality – our pure awareness. Of course, we oscillate between these two states – duality and non duality – but what is most important is to be able to recognise these different states. This is why we practise.


 Why is this so important?

 In non-duality we are free. In duality we are a prisoner – we are caught and held. That is what letting go is all about. We are either caught up or free: at every moment we have that same choice.


There are things going on in the world.

There will always be things going on in the world.

When we die, these things will still be going on.

They will never stop until everyone recognises

that this world was created by our collective confusion.

 We are not here to distract ourselves! We are here to realise our true nature – constant, pure awareness. What we do with that pure awareness is up to us, either to rest in pure awareness, radiating love, or express love for the benefit of others.


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