Feeling change will never happen?

Change can never happen if we keep holding onto the same attitude! That’s logical.

 The Dharma is logical.

The Dharma is accurate.

The Dharma is a precise description of our psychology. 

We merely need to look more closely at our minds. Just change something! We need a change of energy – put odd socks on …anything, to disrupt the habitual patterning. Much of our feelings reside in our subtle body, and leave a residue. A “smell”!

We will hold on to this smell, until enlightenment. That smell is our path. Sometimes, we may feel that change is not taking place, and a feeling of pointlessness sets in, which drains our energy.

Admitting how we feel is the first step, then identifying the cause, finding a way out, and then doing it. Oh! That sounds like the four noble truths!

Putting up with one’s lot is not the same as unconditional surrender. One is laziness and dullness, and the other is wisdom and clarity.

Holding on is preventing change. Change is tearing down the mask and revealing our true face. We are supposed to be enlightened!

There is more to meditation than just sitting. It’s recognising one’s pattern of behaviour, cutting through it and resting in one’s true nature. We need energy to do this: this energy comes from inspiration. Genuine inspiration.

The emotions are our obstacles. When observing others, two come to the fore – pride and jealousy. It is in the recognition of the two wisdoms of All-accomplishing wisdom and the wisdom of Equality that we transcend our habitual view.

You are what you seek, and seeing it in others means that you recognise those qualities that are also in you. Thereby lies great merit and energy. When this happens, you reach the point of no return. You cannot fall back.

Change is inevitable.

Things change all the time.

They deteriorate,

and we reconstruct.


Change is inevitable

when we recognise impermanence

and do not reconstruct!







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