Imitate or emulate the Buddha’s teachings?

 To imitate is to copy.

To emulate is to equal.

 To imitate is to be inspired and that is how we start: it’s a good energiser. To emulate is to appreciate the process, and become what we know. It sustains us, and so we are willing to put up with discomforts.

 We have to know the difference between these two ways of being.

 To imitate is to copy, to repeat. Feeling uncomfortable about a situation, we attempt to mask our discomfort, by resorting to repetition and dogma with great diligence. We use antidotes to make us feel better, as we don’t like the mud. We cannot be totally honest about our feelings. That’s ok: we are just not ready yet.

That should raise some hackles! Tibetans go to grave yards at night to test their fear, because they believe in ghosts. Westerners don’t – but what we do fear is our own reactions!

To be honest, what scares me is Dharma centres…far too holy! 🙂

By emulating, we are willing to feel an uncomfortable situation, and to transcend it. Such a situation arises when an inner conflict presents its ugly face. It’s one of many of crossroads in life, where we have a chance to take a new direction, a finer direction – a change of perception.

The only thing my wife Kathie and I argue about is the state of the world. Why bad things are happening to people en masse, causing suffering. She says it’s just greed and selfishness in all its forms, and I agree, but for greed, one needs control. So for me, it’s about evil, obsessive control, and it’s done deliberately. We get quite heated…staring and glaring at each other…and waiting, smouldering! It’s like something is coming to a head for us individually (sort of synchronistic)…mind blowingly uncomfortable. However, we know it will pass.

Something happens – a gap, a blessing, goodness knows what! – and the atmosphere goes pouff! We then have a cup of tea, and say, “What was that all about?”

Each time this happens, we move closer. Being honest about how one feels is very uncomfortable, but infinitely liberating. And, drinking tea together remind us that love cannot be broken.

The same pouff! in the atmosphere happens when I go and see my teacher. We don’t say much, but there is an honesty there. I don’t want to copy him, but have what he has, and give what he gives. He is emulating his teacher, and so on, all the way back to the Buddha, and back to us again.

If the ego isn’t feeling uncomfortable

then the ego is in charge!

Emulation is the highest form of appreciation

and devotion.

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