Meditation – so what?!

Meditation is not the most important thing: liberation is. It is not enough to be able to concentrate and be still, while remaining deluded. Deluded means being still caught up in the vicious cycle of seeking happiness, and winding up in negative emotions…again!

 We may generate a still mind, but wonder, “So, what do I do now?” This could go on for twenty five years or more…I should know! (there comes a time when we have to move on to another teacher).

 Stillness is only part of the equation: it is the Shamata aspect of meditation. We then need to recognise awareness/clarity, and that is the Vipassana aspect of meditation. Then, that awareness needs to look in on itself and recognise pure, empty Essence. That is the top-of-the-mountain view – the panoramic view – the Emptiness aspect, with nothing obscuring that view.

 The final part of the equation is unlimited compassion – Essence love!

If we lack clarity and essence love,

we are still caught by worldly affairs.

If we are not caught by world affairs,

we have liberation.


Recognise the thought as it occurs so that it is liberated simultaneously with its arising.

 This is very unlike the stream of thoughts that surges through the mind of an ordinary person. Often called ‘black diffusion,’this state is an unwholesome pattern of dissipation in which there is no knowledge whatsoever about who is thinking, where the thought comes from, and where the thought disappears.

 One has not even caught the ‘scent’ of awareness; there are only unwholesome thought patterns operating, so that one is totally and mindlessly carried away by one thought after another. That is definitely not the path of liberation!

 Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche: “Rainbow Painting”

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