Do not be in awe of the Dharma.


Do not be in awe of the Dharma.
Don’t make Dharma separate from you.
You are Dzogchen*.

 Demons and the Dharma
are the path and the obstacle…
…and the inspiration…
to get to reality’s shore.

 We arrive when we express
genuine warmth.

Everyone’s expression is our teacher.

 Demons are that which separate us from our true nature. Demons are our concepts. The only obstacle standing in our way to enlightenment is our concepts. Their presence reveals the Path – our confusion. And so, they inspire!

 The Dharma is the teachings about our true nature. It is the theory. Being in awe of the theory can create concepts, and therefore separates us from our true nature, making the Dharma an obstacle – extending the Path of confusion!

 So you can see how the demons and Dharma can be both an inspiration and an obstacle.

 Dzogchen is what we are – cognisant nature, empty essence and uncontrived compassion. It is the very essence of the teachings. It is not a theoretical practice: it directly cuts through all concepts/ obstacles. All we have to do is recognise. The hallmark of realisation is compassion, expressing genuine, fearless warmth…love!


*In the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, Dzogchen is just a name for the teachings on our essential nature, which is called Rigpa. Other tradition give it other names.








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