Appreciation takes time. 

When we hear teachings, we can take them for granted, assuming that they will always be freely available to us (by ‘freely’, I mean accessible).

These teaching are the path to enlightenment: they are sound, complete and comprehensive instructions from the Buddhas, the awakened ones. It is said that in this great eon (the Kali Yuga and the other three Yugas are a cycle within a greater cycle) there will be one thousand Buddhas: Buddha Shakyamuni was the fourth.

This, in itself, bodes well for this planet and the sentient beings on it. Hooray! 🙂

These teachings are known as the Dharma, but what is most important of all is the holders of knowledge, the Sangha. Without them, the Buddha’s teachings would not be known. Incidentally, the Dzogchen teachings are very rare: they are meant for a time when there are great emotions, great intelligence and great compassion.

When I first started to repeat the prayer to the three jewels – The Buddha, Dharma and Sangha – I thought it was a polite thing to do. Several decades later, I just have to look around me to realise what life would have been like without them.

I never realised how blind I was. These teachings are sacred, and meant for the spiritual welfare of all sentient beings. The generosity of these masters is inconceivable.

To worldly people, this will make no sense, as they just want to get on with surviving in their clever, make-believe cultures. Everything boils down to expressing loving kindness, and not how clever we are.

The imaginary mind
will always think up imaginary ways to distract itself.

And there will always be those
who will seek to profit from this. 

Recognise what is of TRUE value.



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