Psychology and Psychiatry 

The problem with modern psychology and psychiatry is their attempt to normalise already deluded minds into maintaining their delusion. Both professions are concerned with ‘mental disorders’. The problem is, how do they know what a mental disorder is, and what do they class as normal? 

This from wikipedia: These professions are concerned with are people’s perception, attention, cognition, emotion, phenomenology, motivation, brain functioning, personality, behavior, and interpersonal relationships problems.”

Here we are not talking about brain malfunctions.

In fact, when we look at these definitions, spirituality can answer them all. This shows how society has moved away from the spiritual to the social when it comes to looking at the mind. I’m not talking about religions, but true spirituality not beliefs.

The object of psychology and psychiatry is to engineer people back into society, rather then investigate what they are trying to express, which could be beyond the scope of psychology and psychiatry.

If you are feeling dissatisfied or uneasy about life, it’s not a pill you want. It’s knowledge. And, knowledge is free.

The knowledge comes from recognising and acknowledging one’s authentic experiences – which can seem depressing, when compared to the adverts!

The pill is…knowing that life is going to be depressing – if one believes (swallows) the adverts!

There is a book called ‘Trick and Treat’ by Barry Groves. He has a website called Second Opinion.

Wow!!! He provides technical information about how the ‘Food Industry’ tricks us into eating supposedly healthy food, which actually isn’t. And along come the Pharmaceutical companies to treat us for the results of eating this bad food. Both of them charge us a great deal for this trickery (which brings us back to the subject of advertising). Barry explains how this whole process depletes our immune systems: “People don’t die of natural causes anymore.”

Depressed? You should be depressed! You can do something about it! When the body runs down, we get tired. This affects the mind, and we don’t see straight. Then they call in the psychologists and psychiatrists…

..and you are still paying!
Exercise your choice while you can.

Spiritual knowledge is free.





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