Stop meditating!

 I often find I am meditating
when I stop meditating.

 It is said that people are not enlightened
because they do not meditate.
Siddhis are not enlightened because they do meditate.

 Simply put we need to meditate
to be able to concentrate,
cutting though circling thoughts.

 First Shamata – perception.
Second Vipashana – stillness/insight
Third Dzogchen/Mahamudra – essence

 Once thoughts are no longer a problem
all experiences become subtle distractions
merely noted and drop
or we may get caught
in non-thought, clarity and bliss.

 It is said:
Break the meditation.
Short moments, many times.
Do not leave the meditation cushion.
Keep it nice and warm.

 Once we recognise emptiness
– that is, awareness recognising emptiness –
there is no meditation taking place.
Meditation now only takes place
when we forget empty essence.

 Conduct is post non-meditation,
where we mingle empty awareness
with daily life.

 This conduct recognises the mind
about to react.
When no reaction take place,
no karma is produced.
Gradually we exhaust
all our karmic debt.

 When awareness recognises emptiness
and all karmic debt is exhausted,
we may find ourselves


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2 Responses to STOP MEDITATING!

  1. Ananda says:

    This is really simple, yet so profound! Thank you, sir.
    With your permission, i would like to share this with friends. A gift indeed, to be shared and multiplied, like prayer flags in the wind.

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