The Dharma doesn’t work!

 This is not possible.

 The Dharma describes our essential nature, which never changes. That is our very awareness. We may know this, but still think, “I can’t do it.” And, we must not confuse what we know, with what happens to us in life, expecting everything to suddenly turn out hunky-dory: this will not happen immediately (actually…it could, but this will depend on the clarity of our point of view).

 Bad things do happen: the wrong sort of doughnut, mosquito bites, unpleasant neighbours, wars, sickness, impending death…it’s a long list!

 Good things do happen: getting the right doughnut, not being bitten, good neighbours, peace, good health, impending death (we can’t avoid that)…it’s a long list!

 We are here at a certain time and place, and stuff happens. If we go to another place, stuff will still happen. Wanting it different is part of the problem. Recognising the problem is the solution.

 We made choices in the past to be where we are now: those choices were coloured by our view then, and we have to now live with the consequences. Reacting to those consequences will produce more of the same. It is so important to recognise the moment of a reaction…and pause…! In that very moment, the future changes. No ‘doing’ is involved – just recognition. There will be a tremendous pull to explode, but that is merely a residue in the subtle body. Just take some deep breaths, drawing the extraneous energy to down below the navel, where it should be (in Tibetan, this is known as the “loong” practice).

 To be honest we probably learn more from bad things happening. When good things happen, we can get complacent…or as I so eloquently once put to a Dharma colleague… “Smug bastards!”

 If we find life annoying now, it could be worse!

 Everything depends on our view, and no one else’s. The Buddha’s teaching (or Jesus’s for that matter) is to advise us, and then it’s up to us. We have to find a way to deal with stuff happening, and then do whatever works. If that doesn’t work, change. It could be formal practice, chanting, getting some fresh air…or feeding ducks! It doesn’t matter: it’s all about ‘being’. When we are merely being, then the Dharma is working, and you are doing it merely by appreciating your own awareness.

 We will continue to live through our own karma, as we recognise this and cease reacting, that karma dissolves and life becomes clearer and more simple.

 It is understandable that we feel our relative world should be right first, but how long are we going to wait?

 What is happening now is precisely our path, wrong doughnuts and all 😉


Everything changes with clarity.
Through experiences, the brain fires and wires.
We increase our capacity.
We complete actions.
We have a system that works.
We become more sensitive.

Everything tidies up.
As understanding grows,
so does compassion.



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