The Buddha said, “Test!”

The Buddha said,
“Do not accept my words.
Test them as you would test for
the purity of gold.” 

The question is, how do we test them?

Well, first we need a clean pair of scales, so that the test will not be contaminated, or have any additives. That means having an open mind and heart.

Now we need a statement to test: “Everything is impermanent.” So how do we look at this?

We now need a microscope for closer inspection. All ‘things’ have parts. All things have sides and depth. All things are made up of particles. All particles consist of parts. All parts contain atoms and parts of atoms. All subatomic parts are energy and frequencies. We’ll have to stop there for a moment as the ‘thing’ has actually now disappeared, and we are in the realm of consciousness.

All ‘things’ have no inherent existence of their own, being created from causes and conditions (here, we are talking about ‘things’, and not about consciousness: consciousness here is a faculty of mind for perceiving and discerning, and ultimately, consciousness cannot be said to truly exist). All ‘things’ are created, dwell, and dissolve back into subtle matter.

So it is true: “Everything is impermanent” …even gold, the scales and the microscope.

Now we may wonder why the understanding of everything being impermanent is so important. It’s the value we put on ‘things’ as being real that causes us suffering, and this includes relationships. We are not talking about the true being, but its neurotic manifestations.

We know there IS something real, but it is un-manifest. In this ‘knowing,’ is awareness, but it is clouded by impermanent contaminations and additives. That ‘knowing’ is a clouded love.

When we realise that everything is impermanent – I mean really ‘realise’ – we recognise that which recognises all this! It is that which decided to use the scales and look down the microscope! That “non-contamination without additives” is pure awareness, the pure nature of mind. When that pure nature sees everything and everyone in the same light…now, that’s LOVE! 

One little test can go a long way!

That which sees everything as impermanent
is the nature of mind.






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