Simply wow.

 Direct recognition of the nature of mind is for those who do not want to meditate. However, our vessel (mind) has to be un-contaminated, and not cracked or upside down, in order to receive such teachings. We have to be suitable vessels without pride, and recognise that we are a little stuck in our ways.

Having been introduced to the natural state of mind, the key point is to do nothing! Don’t try to improve on unconfined empty cognisance. Merely, barely, rest in that recognition. We are this unconfined empty cognisance, and any ‘doing’ creates ‘something else’…a me doing it!

A suitable vessel is clarity.

Of course, we might expect a wow factor when the nature of mind has been introduced, but no. Only joking – there is a wow factor: life time after life time we have been confused and muddled about who we are, what we are, where we are…and now we have found it…hooray!

“Oh, is that all?”

We have been so busy and distracted for so long that this simple…simplest…realisation does not compute to the thinking mind. No more me me me. Just be be be!

Rest in pure awareness, pure perception, pure knowing. It’s no big deal. This is the meditation for those who do not want to meditate. It is pure recognition.

Short moments many times is recommended, and from time to time return to the discipline of the Hinayana vehicle of mindfulness and conduct of the Paramitas (generosity, discipline, patience, perseverance, meditation and transcendent knowledge ). Don’t take advantage of this understanding by showing off, and pulling the wool over others’ eyes: this will backfire, creating pride and conceit, resulting in bad karma.

A simple wow is a quiet acknowledgement, appreciation and recognition of our true nature. On recognition of this, it is permissible to have a quiet celebration :-), because one’s life has now become fruitful. Hooray!

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