Playing with ego.

 Essence, seeing its reflection through the reactions of emotions, believes that to be itself, and clings to this view. This is the creation of a duality. So, there are two of us: one is real, and the other is a reflection – just a mistaken concept.

 When we are enlightened, this mistaken view dissolves. In the meantime, we remain sentient. However, being sentient students (and not taking this reflection – this second self – too seriously) we can be aware of both views…we oscillate.

 Even though we practise spiritual stuff, and at times get glimpses of pure awareness – pure perception – it’s essential to accept our habitual, sentient side. This sentient side is a residue of karma, which pops its head up more often than not. And it’s okay!

 Compassion starts here, with our own residue. Ego is nothing to feel guilty about: it’s our teacher. It’s our shadow, and there’s no need to feel blue about it:


Me and my shadow

Strolling down the avenue
Oh, me and my shadow

Not a soul to tell our troubles to

And when it’s twelve o’clock
we climb the stairs

We never knock ’cause nobody’s there

Just me and my shadow

All alone and feeling blue…”


Personally, I write and practise resting in the view of ‘Rigpa’, but I also have the residue of an ordinary, daft side. This mainly entails singing the wrong words to old songs, which drives my wife mad, as she keeps blaming me for songs stuck in her head 😉


Rigpa – pure awareness –
is not something we do.
It’s what we are.
We just let it be.



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