E MA HO = Amazing!

There are two aspects to consider with regard to our being: pure awareness, and the dynamic expression of that pure awareness. 

 The essence of pure awareness is simple, naked and uncontaminated, emphasising the emptiness aspect.

 When we become stable in pure awareness, the lucid quality of dynamic expression of pure awareness may be introduced. However, I feel that this is something that is a natural manifestation, and may not be taught as it arises spontaneously.

 We are first introduced to the essence of pure awareness, because if we don’t recognise that, we can’t deal with the dynamic aspect of thoughts and emotions.

 Once we have realised that emptiness aspect of pure awareness, we can then be free of the effect of thoughts and emotions, which can then express the dynamic aspect of pure awareness.

 Recognition of pure awareness that cuts through appearances in the mind is known as Trekcho. The lucid, dynamic expression that frees the thoughts and emotions is known as Togyal.


There is more to us than meets the “I”.
There is less of us than meets the “I”.
E Ma Ho!
We are truly amazing.

 Not limited to time or space,
being free from thoughts and emotions,
we transcend this dullness of duplicity.

 Empty of creation, we may then create.

 E Ma Ho = Wow!


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