Practising spirituality and not feeling better… 🙂

 Do you feel this way? I do too! It’s to do with our past. Our past upbringing, our past education and past environment, which has left a stain on our psyche, like odd songs going round in our head from fifty years ago. That’s all. Don’t worry about it!

There those who have had a brilliant upbringing, brilliant education and brilliant environment. They still have stains, usually arrogance and a lack of warmth.

We could spend years in intense therapy to change this, or just accept it. When I write, it just comes out and I feel free. When it comes to talking, I immediately see the look in people’s eyes, which reflects an inner barrier, and I just stop talking (for years, I tried running after them, but it doesn’t work…). This reaction is generally due to the person’s lack of concentration, disinterest or bias (stain on psyche). And that’s OK.

We have to accept our limited, relative side, but that doesn’t mean we do not understand. It just means that we cannot as effulgent* and humorous as we would like to be.

This is Rigpa display!

shining brightly; radiant.
(of a person or their expression) emanating joy or goodness.

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