Connecting with a teacher

 The purpose of blog is merely to point in the direction of an authentic teacher, and to give confidence in what the Dharma is about. If we connect to a qualified human teacher, we get great spiritual blessings and influence. It’s more than merely reading words – we catch the enlightenment virus!

 We have this precious human body, and the ability to listen and ask questions, and it would be a great pity to waste it.

 There is something very special about an authentic teacher, in which even hearing their name can make us sit up! This is due to a karmic connection. I write under the influence of Tibetan Buddhism and its unbroken lineages. These teachings have been handed down by word of mouth. Nothing in them is just made up; it is based on the sound logic of the Buddha’s teachings. The masters who followed, refined and commented on those teachings. The Buddha left it to others to complete and enhance his teachings, and for us to reflect upon them and realise them.

 Every teacher goes through immense training, memorising great texts and receiving blessings from their teachers. The reason they do this is so to be of benefit to all sentient beings – the true altruistic attitude of a bodhisattva.

 Of course there are ‘not so genuine’ teachers (enthusiasts!), and here we have to rely on our own reasoning and discernment. All the glitters is not gold, and all that is muddy isn’t just dirt!

 Life is a bit of a boot camp, if you want to realise the truth. We have to peel away our ego’s protective layers. Even ‘enthusiasts’ can be of help for a while… 😉

 A true teacher is there to help us find our inner teacher, for which we are grateful: that is devotion. Then, we wish to help others: that is compassion. And that’s how the enlightenment virus works, thank goodness!


We fear because of our own reactions in the mind.
Once the mind is clear, the mind can teach…


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