We know

We know.

 Our essence is clear, and our mind is clear. If our mind was not clear, we couldn’t function as a human being! So we have the potential of perfect (subtle) body, speech and mind (many of our feelings arise as a residue in our subtle body – when we are not at ease, we find an energy welling up and get a bit “hot under the collar”. Too much imbalance creates dis-ease.)

When the truth is told to us, it is obvious, we recognise…re-cognise. We know. Our only problem is that we are constantly being distracted by the contents of our mind. We identify with these, and so remain in a fixed view. Letting go is merely allowing clarity and space – which are already there – to occur. We are unfamiliar with this clarity and space because of our obsession with the contents of our mind. And so we doubt everything, creating a coarse energy which rattles around, exaggerating everything. 

Spiritual practice is merely being clear, noting appearances in the mind and letting be – while still functioning as a decent human being. It’s that simple!

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