Fed up with hearing about compassion?

If we find ourselves fed up with hearing about compassion, compassion, compassion, then our motivation, motivation, motivation is not pure, and is still ego-dominated.

If we are fed up with hearing about ego, ego, ego – which is merely a mistaken identity, a mental projection we have created – then we are still trapped in an ego-orientated projection.

If we want higher teachings, first we need pure motivation – love for others more than for ourself.

If we think all this talk about compassion is boring, then we will never understand the higher teachings, and they will remain an intellectual mystery.

If we do not try to develop a pure motivation, we might as well give up spiritual endeavours and live an ordinary life, and be kind whenever we fancy it.

The internet is a spiritual supermarket: make sure your digestion is ready for it! Cherry picking will not sustain us. The root of all spiritual teachings is an altruistic motivation. It doesn’t matter how good we think we are, we are still playing the leading role in the play of life.

Confidence comes from pure… knowingness, awareness, perception, consciousness. When ancient text talking about love, they mean unconditional. There is no personal gain, because that has been given up… we know! we know!

These are teachings handed down from my teacher, from his teacher, from his teacher…

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