Beautiful Experiences

This may not be what we expect: we may think that a beautiful experience is more than we have right now…but maybe beauty is in less.

To some, beautiful experiences may suggest supernatural meditational experiences such as out of body, walking on water, telepathy, transference of consciousness…

However, these are known as “nyam”: meditational experiences that could become distractions, and something to be dropped. When such experiences held on to, the practitioner could become demonic.

I do have a little ‘beef’ about teachings when they warn about “nyams” but then suggest

there is more…the six doctrines, for example. This keeps us in subtle expectation; “Oh, I must have some of that!” and “If I’m extra good I may get secret teachings”. I did that for years…twit! 🙂

I once attended a retreat when the lama spoke of experiencing bliss, and it was obvious that a lot of students wanted to express that they too experienced bliss. My wife and I didn’t, and we discussed this: our conclusion was that bliss was an absence rather than an addition, which can’t really be described. More a sense of relief.

Beautiful experiences are less… not more.

There are many ways this may be expressed: relief that we no longer have to be controlled by others’ dreams/nightmares, that we no longer just react, that we no longer have to prove ourselves to others, that compassion seems genuine, that we are happy for no reason, the wind in the trees, the changing sky, inner peace with our faults, freedom…every thing is no big deal.

I’m sure you have a few!

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