Care more about hate or love?

The answer is not so obvious.

How much of our mind is taken up by hate, and how much by love? The problem arises when we realise – either way – that we are attached, and our attention is caught and held.

We are told to view everything as one taste, as mere appearances in the mind, so that we are not governed by pleasant or unpleasant situations. However, if we look more closely, we discover that we have a natural tendency for unconditional love…hooray!

When we look, we find that we wish those we hate (those who make us feel uncomfortable) would do the right thing – therefore, we wish them liberation from their actions. And, to those we love (those who make us feel comfortable) we also wish liberation – from all their cares and woes.

We naturally feel and exhibit unconditional love for all. Getting out of our imprisonment is recognising there is no lock, no door and no dark dungeon.

We are liberated from prison because we care.
We are imprisoned because we care too much.

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