What Makes You Crazy?
It’s people, isn’t it?!

It’s the rules and assumptions that people make, without discussion: there is an expectation that we all think the same way. What is crazy is our craziness becoming involved with their craziness 😉 . When this happens, we could kick ourselves for getting involved. The battle of selves is the craziness.

‘Self’ is an adornment; my teacher uses the analogy of diarrhoea earrings! It’s a mistaken self-created mental image which is observable by our pure nature. “There I go again, getting involved!” “Why don’t I do something about it?” The “I” can’t do anything about it. Even a God cannot do anything about it…he/she would, if they could.

It’s our pure nature that has to recognise what is going on, and for that we need help from sane people…and there aren’t many of those around!

Until then, we have to live in a world run by crazy people driving everyone else crazy.

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