Just So There Is No Confusion…

Thoughts and emotions are an obstacle
to a clear recognition of empty essence.
However, once empty essence is recognised,
thoughts and emotions are inseparable from empty essence.
Is that clear? 🙂

Two points:
Upon recognition, thoughts and emotions are now an expression of empty essence.
With the arising of thoughts and emotions, emptiness is reflected directly.

As with the five senses being non-conceptual and therefore clear of concepts so, once empty essence is recognised and the seventh and eighth consciousnesses are stilled, there is a clear view, or pure perception, or pure awareness. The level of one’s practice will determine the length of time that this recognition is activated.

The very nature of negative emotions is wisdom: the three poisons (desire, aversion and ignorance) are the three Kayas (emptiness, cognisance and unlimited compassion).

In the Chenrezi prayer, it states;
“Appearances, sounds and emptiness are inseparable.”
That is what Oneness is all about.

As a matter of interest, Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche 3rd stated, regarding the seventh consciousness, “The seventh consciousness is present until you attain the first bodhisattva level.”

We are on a lift* called Perception-Deception,
activated by our own mind.

By forgetting our essential nature, we descend;
deception and unhappiness ensue.
By recognition our essential nature, we ascend;
perception refines and happiness ensues.

There comes a point where we can go up or down:
neither has any effect.
Descending can enhance practice as there is nothing to fear.


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  1. crestedduck says:

    Seems to me …..This is the deeper meaning of, and actual understandable explanation of “Be True To Thyself” !

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