Are You Switched On Or Off?

Of course, the moment we are asked that question, we switch on 😉 But how often are we actually asked that question? And, for how long do we stay switched on?

Every creature is ‘aware’, but not necessarily aware of its own awareness.
“Switched on” means being aware of our own awareness; ‘being’ in control.
“Switched off” means our awareness is distracted; ‘being’ unaware, not in control.

When meeting people, what do their eyes say? Are they communicating, or just going through the mechanics?

Knowing the machinations of the world, or knowing spiritual teachings doesn’t mean we are switched on. It is so easy to become puffed up with knowledge which distracts. It could be that the more we learn, the more we switch off!

We could be “thick as a brick” and still be aware of awareness, but not be able to express it in scholarly terms. Meeting with a spiritual teaching that explains our dilemma in simple terms confirms that which we already inherently know: without this confirmation, we may doubt genuine experience and therefore switch off.

When was the last time you met someone who was switched on?
We can actually see ourselves switch off.
Scary isn’t it?


The moment we notice we’ve switched off
is the moment we switch on.
Funny isn’t it?

Understanding this procedure
switches on empathy and compassion.

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