Yeah, yeah, but I’m still not satisfied!”

Now the real work begins…

Repeating a lot of spiritual stuff doesn’t mean anything. The question is, does it make a change in our life, and attitude? People can acquire a lot of information, but they don’t change much! We don’t usually learn a great deal in one lifetime, so any real change is truly significant. If we are not satisfied, we merely have to take a closer look at ourselves.

Between you and me, I’m not satisfied! In fact, I’m quite angry, and that’s why I write a blog; the anger is the energy and inspiration to write.

To have fewer desires, to consider others more, to concentrate and to be a healthy human being is a step in the right direction. But first, we truly have to feel the dissatisfaction with life in order to empathise with others. It’s so easy to become a complacent Buddhist (or any kind of spiritual practitioner) and make no progress, as ‘being spiritual’ can actually cover up dissatisfactions with a layer of over-positivity. You know what I mean 😉 !

It is the dissatisfaction that hits the spot, enabling us to progress.

Maybe we think, “My life should be better with all this spiritual practice!” The reply would be “Oh, you want a better samsara?” What we have is our own making, and that is our actual path. Undoing!

The situation in which we find ourselves is due to our past actions – so this present moment is karmically produced. Our very reactions – both mental and physical – are a product from our past. If we continue to react in a habitual manner, our future will be just the same, and so the programme (karma) will merely repeat itself.

We have to stop thinking how life should be, and deal with how it is. Funnily enough, when the Buddha said, “Not too tight and not too loose”, or the teachings say, “Neither accept nor reject”, we could look at that another way:

Accept whatever arises
and reject any clinging.

After all, if it’s too loose, we tighten,
and if it’s too tight, we loosen.

The Dharma is a tool and not dogma.

When the feeling of dissatisfaction arises, all we have to do is look at what we expected, and why. From an absolute point of view, samsaric life IS dissatisfying. Because of that it’s a constant reminder!

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  1. pureprocess says:

    Thank you so much for writing this blog. I read it every morning. Have been doing that for 2 years or so. It is uplifting, reinforcing and it teaches me. Thank you again.


    su bornstein

    Pure Process Coaching

    Powell River BC Canada


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