Too Much or Too Little

The problem with writing a dharma blog is knowing if one is writing “too much” or “too little”.

This is because the essence of the Buddha’s teachings is always in the simplest statements,
and to keep using more words risks dissipating or distracting from the essential truth.

We think we need more,
when we need less.
We need to recognise more
to recognise less!

Recognising more is recognising less:
it’s the simplest refinement.

We may think, “Is that all?” To some this is a relief, whereas to others, they feel, “It can’t be that simple!”

Unfortunately, we are not totally convinced, so ‘bells’ and ‘whistles’ are added to keep the mind reassured…or mystified 😉 ! This can have a detrimental effect of getting lost in complexities if they are not needed: we sit on cushions to meditate, but if you prefer you can sit on Zabutons and do Zazen 🙂 🙂 🙂

Of course, sometimes we just don’t quite ‘get it’, so we need a preamble…if not that…then try this.

It is all based on logic and common sense, so that we become intelligent, healthy human beings, and then go beyond to transcendent wisdom – our true nature.

It is all in the four noble truths. The four mind changes. The six perfections. The five wisdoms. The two truths. The eight consciousnesses, and any one of the 84,000 types of defilements. It all adds up to one thing…awareness of no thing; zero-ness; emptiness.

The advice to let go or drop is so that we don’t hold onto an experience which then turns into a concept. In addition, “letting go” or “dropping” also creates time and space for assimilation to take place, and for the synapses to join up.

Every day is “That’s it. Drop it!” However, there is always a surprise awaiting…

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