Do I Have To Be Aware? All The Time?

This is up to you. Awareness is always present; we don’t have to ‘act’ aware. We are just awareness – pure awareness. However, awareness can get caught and held by external events and thus, awareness loses itself in an object. This is the duality we read about; this is the prison of this and that.

“Does this mean I can’t watch football?” We can watch, taste, smell, touch and hear anything. Just be aware, and not caught and held. Being unaware exhausts our energies. We are blown around by external events, which puts the inner winds in the wrong place within the subtle body. We become stressed and uptight, and the inner wind rises; we then feel tension in the upper part of the body, and we simply release this tension by doing the gentle vase exercise. Link>

All awareness does is recognise. Then, awareness notes if it is caught for that moment, and lets go…relaxes. Being aware is relaxing, and the inner winds return to their natural position.

Just being aware is not difficult. It’s not as if we have to stare madly, or have exaggerated mindfulness; it’s being relaxed in body, speech and mind. Things merely come to pass. Those ‘things’ are an accumulation of past actions, and that’s how we got to where we are now.

We are natural awareness. By just resting, a situation arises and we (awareness) deal with it and relax. This is the work/practice. The more we remember, the easier it is. Awareness is effortless. Being caught and held takes effort which we may find exciting and addictive, but we end up exhausted and fall into vacancy. The wrong sort of emptiness!

Modern life has speeded us up – tensed us up – wound us up – and so the inner wind is up! “Buy now, get one free… quick, quick!” We are not naturally that way.

Modern people are too tight.
We need to loosen slightly.

All we need is awareness.
All we are is awareness.

There is no being without awareness!

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