Purification Is No Big Deal

‘Purification’ sounds as if we have to have all the badness burnt out of us – boiled in oil, lashed till our skin falls off, crushed, humiliated and submit to the will of … 😉 It doesn’t sound as if it’s based on compassion, does it?

Liberation from impurity
is a sympathetic understanding
of causes and conditions
– it’s being relaxed.

‘Impurities’ are our karmic attitude about ourselves and the world around us. Purification doesn’t happen all of a sudden; that only happens when we realise our true nature! Purification is dealing kindly towards our own residue of attitudes. An old attitude comes up, we drop, it comes up again, we drop…relax, relax, relax. Once we become kind to ourselves – all those habitual reactions – we feel confident and humorous, and we then find we can do the same for others.

Purification is the continuity of non-meditation in daily life; because of kindness to our own thoughts and emotions, compassion arises towards others, giving rise to a relaxed atmosphere. It’s no big deal.

There are many methods in Buddhism to facilitate reinforcement and enhancement of purification,

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