Antidotes Are Never Ending

Antidotes are a temporary measure – the ‘problem’ will repeatedly return. Understanding that the ‘problem’ is temporary reveals the true nature of the ‘problem’ – that it is empty of any true existence. So there is no need to rely on antidotes!

Antidotes take time and money.

On a relative level, we feel empty and so we look for an antidote to occupy us – to pass the time.
On an ultimate level we are empty, and so are aware of antidotes occupying us – there is no time… to waste!

The Tibetan word for meditation also means ‘to cultivate’. Meditation is an antidote to confusion about ourselves. Once the confusion is recognised, the antidote is no longer needed; we are familiarising ourselves with – and cultivating – spacious awareness

But let’s be honest,
we still like to be occupied;
best to keep meditating!

Better still, break the meditation.
Short moments, many times.

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