Why Can’t I See My True Nature?

This question describes the perfect prison, and the perfect key to that prison.
All we need now is the perfect understanding to turn that key and be free.

It is simple, but no one said it was easy. It isn’t easy precisely because we are fighting with the man in the mirror, our reflection. Mr. Devil. We believe the reflection to be real, and that belief is the prison.

“Why can’t I see my true nature, now?” The answer is, “Who is asking the question, now?”

To understand this answer, we need a method of sitting quietly and just being aware. To ‘do’ this, we need time to meditate and ‘do’ nothing. This is the escape route; doing nothing!

Every individual will have a certain amount of chatter in their mind.
The question is, what is aware of this chatter?
It is awareness itself that is aware of the chatter.

When this awareness is aware of itself, it only finds awareness.
That is pure awareness: it is self aware.
Without modifying or doing anything, the door to the prison opens,
and we float out.

However, we immediately start analysing – and float back in again. It is the questioning that turns the key to open the door. It is the doubt that keeps it locked. Trust in the awareness. Recognise the awareness and let go: this opens the door. There is energy in questioning, but at some point, the questioning has to stop in order to remain outside – because we are already outside 😉 When we are outside, there comes a point of no more questions, of no more learning.

Because of habitual patterning, we find that we constantly float back into this mental prison. We float in and out all day long. If we weren’t out sometimes – being aware naturally – we’d keep walking into walls! Most of the time, we are on auto-pilot. We go upstairs for something, holding the idea of the thing we want, and we forget to be aware of the walking upstairs. We use the journey as a means to an end, when the journey was the end in itself.

We are here now, all the time. We are nowhere else. But we’re always looking for something else. It’s a habit that we don’t trust ourselves, so we look for someone in robes and a long white beard, to tell us what we already know. This means we have to trust someone else, and so we are back to not knowing – and so believing – again.

Thus, we go round in circles looking for ourselves, when we should just look, see and drop the seeing.

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