The World Is A Conspiracy

A conspiracy is a small group making secret plans to do something harmful to a larger group. But what if the larger group was actually carrying out the conspiracy? Not wanting to realise our true nature is harmful to our mental state – and everyone is in on it! The world is run by evil and stupidity, which are either conscious or unconscious. That’s mara at work.

And the only way to escape – the only way to be liberated – is through compassion and devotion: it’s not enough just to recognise our true nature. Once we see this, our spiritual progress accelerates. This is why renunciation is so important. To renounce means to reject or give up: we are no longer obsessed by desires and fears.

However, if we ‘reject’, that becomes too aggressive and is therefore counter productive. ‘Giving up’ is non-attachment – and there is still a subject giving up an object. There is still a feeling that there is something to give up, to reject. In reality, there is nothing to reject, and nothing to give up.

True renunciation is the insight that sees through the play. Insight uses the whole conspiracy – and mara’s games – as the path.

We know that sugar is detrimental to our health but we still crave it, and it’s still being produced. It affects our body and our behaviour, and therefore our mind. There is also ‘mental sugar’, which makes everything more palatable – and sentimental – and this also affects our behaviour and mind. Sentimentality is a holding on, which is the opposite of renunciation.

Compassion and devotion are the result of direct seeing.

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