Purity Is Not Something To Accomplish

To realise purity, we don’t have to keep washing, chanting or meditating, as it is naturally ever-present. Our spiritual evolution is dependant on maintaining the recognition of purity, and then letting be. Our differing capacities are the result of the length of time we spend in forgetfulness.

Purity is our unchanging basis; the ground, the essence of our being. What could be more pure than emptiness? Pure, empty awareness. We don’t have to do anything to be pure. We only have to remind the mind to shut up…just stop!

Purity is obscured by thoughts and concepts. These obscurations create confusion and inner conflict. “Am I, or am I not?!” Our path is to recognise and cut through theis confusion of concepts that obscures purity.

How do we do this?

Well, there is certainly no doing. Doing something is our problem (here, we are talking about ultimate reality, and not conventional reality.)

It is purity itself which recognises that these obscuring concepts are impermanent and have no reality whatsoever. We’re still not doing anything! If we start doing something, that is merely more concepts. Chanting and meditation are a means to remind purity to stop doing anything. When that occurs, the clarity of purity then expresses unconfined compassion within conventional reality.

Our spiritual path is to clarify the confusion which obscures the realisation that this purity is ever present.

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