Lifting Heaviness

Life can be hard, depressing, problematic, traumatic…followed by illness and death. Life is heavy with emotions. Even though we may be in the present moment, when karma strikes, the answer may not always be immediately available.

We merely note all the emotions arising, without making any assumptions, as this would only bring about more karma.

In the first instance, emotions are lightweight but become heavy when we adopt them, and identify with them. If we are well informed and understand the nature of emotions as being wisdom, inner peace is maintained. Awareness recognises the arising emotion. Wisdom is the recognition that it comes from empty essence. If we just wait and note, suddenly as if for no reason at all, the heaviness lifts: it just goes. The situation may stay the same, but the future will be lighter, as we have broken through that habitual heaviness.

My wife and I meet this situation quite often: it’s as if a heavy cloud had just passed over us, and then lifted, with both of us saying, “What was that all about?”

It feels like blessings from Mara – and then…goodness knows what! 😀

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