Is Life All About Suffering?

We are here to realise our true nature. So what is stopping us? Mental obstacles prevent us from realising that true nature, and therefore we suffer.

We have become walking, talking cliches.
Cliche: a phrase or opinion that is overused and betraying a lack of original thought. A very predictable person – a stereotype. A widely-held fixed and oversimplified image or idea.

In other words, a programmable, living robot. We hear cliches in music, the media, politics and religions…all offering meaningless words of comfort.

Of course, we all pray that everyone will find happiness, but it doesn’t work, does it? No. We have to do something, and that ‘something’ is to recognise.

Once we realise the problem, we can solve it. The first noble truth of the Buddha is recognising that we are suffering; only then we can look for the cause of that suffering. When we commence this journey, we find it liberating, creative, original and humorous…but not easy.

If we’re looking for something easy…tough titty!

“’Tough titty’, said the kitty, ‘but the milk’s still good.’”
(the nipple may be hard, but there’s still a source of strength present)

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  1. marcel says:

    Life is suffering; The 1st noble truth. It requires braveness and courage to stay open-hearted, compassionate, human and not to turn into a programmable, living robot. Yes, do not consent to forget our true nature.

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