Why Do We Feel The Way We Feel?

Our feelings are a residue of past actions and thoughts stored in the subtle body. Ideas are stored in the mind, and feelings are in the subtle body. The subtle body, in ancient terms, is the relationship of inner winds, channels and energies. Modern science calls this the nervous system; maybe it’s a subtle nervous system.

We may not want to feel the way we feel: it just seems to suddenly happen, usually due to outside stimuli. And it’s from that stance that we normally react, re-enforcing our hopes and fears, our lust and disgust 🙂 We project these feelings on to everything.

What can we do about this?
The practice of meditation cuts through all arisings, but it is the actual experience in the moment that produces the healing effect on the subtle body!

Meditation allows obstacles to be acknowledged. We see clearly what is happening as there is more space – but it is dealing with the feelings as they are happening that has a positive – albeit uncomfortable – effect. We can then have compassion for our neuroses. However, the feelings will return because our work isn’t finished yet; the mirror still has dust on it, but we become more familiar with the whole activity because we are facing something we don’t want to face. Like washing the dishes…we still have to eat and so there will be more dirty plates! 😉

We may find ourselves caught up in one or more of the neurotic realms – hell, hungry ghosts, animal, human, jealous gods and gods (see search for details). For a practitioner this may last for a moment or so, and for others, it may last for a lifetime.

Although it may feel uncomfortable, all we can do is be honest and acknowledge the feeling. Smile and bare it, and not just retaliate. Some trauma from the past suddenly seem to hit us in the present, when our ‘button’, from an old annoyance, is pressed. We cannot avoid the feeling, but it will pass – that’s if we don’t hang on to it. If we hold onto a bad feeling, it may even affect our rebirth…as a born trouble maker!

Feelings are tough to deal with. Ideas can be addressed logically, but feelings run deep. With love and understanding, that inner knotty feeling unties…a little! 😀 Sometimes we may feel our guts are being pulled out – it is just part of accelerated learning. 🙂

We all have them, but it feels personal.
Acknowledgement and compassion towards these feelings
brings a sense of relief, and maybe tears of joy.

And we can start to laugh again!
Sometimes we feel happy for no reason…all knots untie.

Even though healing is taking place, there may be a residue of shell shock.
It will pass.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Confronting PTSD ..both collective and the many forms of personal, is a worthy persuit !

  2. daisymae21 says:

    Hello Tony
    Synchronistically, I’ve just been through a very intense experience – full of strong emotions – and I’m feeling a bit ‘shell shocked’ because I lost all awareness when I was in the thick of it. Nothing was present except the waves of all-encompassing emotions. No understanding, no humour, no space. All my buttons were firing at once…

    • tony says:

      That sounds like samsara shoved in your face! 😀 Awareness is never lost, it all depends what awareness focuses on. Me or the problem.

      Intense emotion + intense intelligence + intense compassion = awakening!

      Sometime the key to the prison is a little stiff, so more energy is needed.

      I suppose total shell shock shakes all the walls down = enlightenment.

      I hope you are feeling better.


  3. tony says:

    Hello Marcel,
    My wife and I met In Florence 37 years ago, so we have a soft spot for Tuscany,

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