Appearances And Attachment

“It is not appearances that tether us; it is attachment.”

Appearances are everything that appears to our mirror-mind.
Attachment is clinging/grasping/holding on to these reflections,
creating a personification of a limited view.

Appearances constantly flood in. If we become attached, concepts form and so we become involved and distracted, losing our equanimity – our calmness and composure. Being detached doesn’t mean giving up everything: it just means not being tethered.

Being tethered creates limitations: we walk around in continual circles, never able to expand our experience.

Being detached, we are more able to express compassion in a situation. It’s what emptiness is all about.

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  1. su says:

    This was how I was trained as an artist. And I can do that in the studio anytime. But in my personal life I could not seem to operate that way. But I think attachment has been extinguishing all along. Six years ago I studied Pure Awareness Emotional Competence with Tom Stone. Now I am begining to be the artist in my ‘becoming less and less personal’ life.

  2. tony says:

    Being original is turning back to our origin.
    It is spontaneously inspiring at every moment.
    The artist is the beauty within,
    and what could be more beautiful than caring.


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