There’s Always Something!

As there’s always something, that something is our teacher.

Although things have no inherent existence, things are constantly being created, and our reactions to those things are constantly being created. There is therefore always something to hope for or fear.

Put an apple seed in the ground. Give it light, warmth and moisture, and up it comes – and up comes our reactions of like or dislike!

There’s always something.
Although this is going on all the time, as we grow spiritually, our reaction to things gradually decreases; we fear less and desire less. If someone offers us an apple, we accept it. If we don’t have an apple, so be it.

As there is always something, that something is our teacher. Meditation doesn’t make us better people. It give us the means for being better people: the quality of meditation is expressed in our conduct. Being on our own is a piece of cake. Being with others is challenging. It’s our teacher.

There will always be something until enlightenment.

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  1. tony says:

    My wife and I are moving house and these ‘somethings’ are coming thick and fast 😀 😀 😀

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