No More Learning…
only recognition

There comes a point when we recognise that it is time to just practise. To hope for more and more deeper teachings is like chasing rainbows. A rainbow needs sunlight and rainy cloud, and is then created by a dispersion of light. All we can do is appreciate it. The perfection is in the recognition.

There comes a point of no more learning but only reminders which come from our own thoughts and emotions, engendered by everything we encounter. We may want the world to be perfect, our lives to be perfect, our love to be perfect, but it is in that very recognition that everything is perfect.

That recognition is pure awareness, reflecting everything. Everything is seen in the light, like the colours of the rainbow.

Dzogchen comprises of two aspects:
direct recognition revealing spontaneous presence.

Good isn’t it?
Beautiful isn’t it?

NB We have to be aware that, because of the residue of karma, things may not feel perfect: there are still emotions and confusion, but it is in the recognition of those arisings that freedom takes place and the excess energies die down. It really is good…and such a relief.

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4 Responses to NO MORE LEARNING…

  1. marcel says:

    “There comes a point when we recognise that it is time to just practise”

    Yes, all true and I’m not going to argue with that! Discipline in the 8 or 10 virtues right? Rigpa patience, rigpa compassion, etc. We will get there.., eventually 🙂

  2. marcel says:

    At the age of 20, I flew with eagles in the sky…
    Then life and time got grip on me
    but, always remembering..
    Now 25 years later, the fire of Bodhicitta is reborn in me..
    I will not violate the purity of this noble family.

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