What Is ‘Being Spiritual’?

It’s what we are; pure experience beyond thought.
Pure experience embodied in a temporary, human form.

The world around us is convinced that this is not so and it needs us to believe that, because to admit otherwise would be to destroy that belief. We are brought up to believe in this temporal world, and to forget our true nature.

Spiritual practice is not about gaining and maintaining wealth. That is the worldly way. True, we need the means to sustain a spiritual way of life, but this need not be all-consuming. Being all-consumed – being a consumer – results in a twisted mind and a twisted way of life that controls and obscures pure experience.

The peculiar thing is that when this spirituality becomes a system, we may find ourselves trying to squeeze into a ritualistic religion. Safely contained within a system, we conform. This is not freedom. This is belonging, and we become a consumer again. Religion demands a commitment which can become all-consuming and expensive (in many ways), and provides a target for hatred.

If we think that spirituality is weird, we’ve lost the plot, our sanity and our compassion.
Spiritual awareness is what we are at every moment – it is timeless.

When we are carefree, we cannot be contained.
When we are careless, we can.

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