Clarifying Teachings

Teachings can be about learning – that’s the slow way.
Teachings can be about clarity – that’s the fast way.

This blog is about clarifying. In all walks of life, teaching is guiding a student from A to Z. From a Buddhist point of view, that would be starting with nothing and ending with emptiness… 😀 😀 😀

A to Z teaching in Buddhism doesn’t seem to exist, although it may for Tibetan lamas. I’ve been going to teachings for over forty years: we just get ‘a’ teaching, which is not particularly joined up to a previous teaching, and nor does it pave the way for the next one. It we who have to join up the dots.

To be honest, we all start from different places and have different capacities, and the amount of effortless effort we are prepared to put in varies, so we cannot really be expected to go as a group. Well, not in modern times.

Years ago, my wife and I embarked on a four year Shedra course in Nepal. We beginners were put in a fourth year class. We hadn’t a clue what was going on and didn’t understand the words they were using, and so we and others left after three weeks, as it was a total mess. The only ones left were those who wanted to become scholarly translators.

Teachers have so many students that they cannot deal with us, one to one: five minute interviews are not enough. And trying to find what the real Dharma is about gets very expensive!

This is why I write a blog: to clarify what on earth is going on 😀 😀 😀 I just write what comes to mind from a previous question. There is no commitment, other than your own curiosity and intelligence.

We are the student and the teacher. Our restless awareness is the student and the clarity of emptiness – our absolute nature – is the teacher. Student and teacher are the two truths. All we need is clarity, and that comes from our own sincere practice and enthusiasm. We see our self at work, and decide – there must be more to this!

We are that which we seek. Clarity comes from the dropping away of obstacles to which we cling. All we need is constant reminders to counteract the constant distractions. Seeing the distractions is the key.

The world in which we live is not about clarity.
It’s about clouding clarity – we just have to see it.
When we see the clouding of the clarity,
that is clarity itself.

The two truths in unison.
When we see it, we get it!

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  1. pureprocess says:

    Reasons I read your blog every day. 30 years ago my first Teacher looked at my artwork and said “You are stuck in the mud. You can’t fly if your feet are stuck in the mud.” About 10 years ago in SE Asia I saw an enormous goldend buddha and was told the story of it being covered in mud to protect it during a war. Then I did Pure Awareness work with Tom Stone. I followed the dots of my stories and read your blog every day.

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