Human Antics and Spiritual Antics

Antics = amusing behaviour, foolish behaviour, monkey tricks!

We are very subtle, sensitive beings, embodied in very sensitive human form, and that’s why we can become so easily distracted by trinkets and displays. Once we arrive at pure awareness, antics, trinkets and displays are pointless and meaningless.

Human dignity (modesty) and spiritual dignity (modesty) do not make us aloof or special. Adorning ourselves in a fine display, without honesty, is meaningless. By not regarding ourselves as special, we can take a back seat, and see what’s going on: we don’t become hooked and captured by the situation.

There is nothing like being ordinary,
as there is nothing to live up to.

When we merely copy others,
we are merely copying others:
we feel safe,
but don’t necessarily see for ourselves.

If we act aloof,
we become a fool.


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