The Importance of Lineage

Even though we practise on our own, the support of a lineage can help us with discipline and enthusiasm. There is a power in words/mantras and practices that has been built up through the centuries by ascetics – advanced practitioners. In short, being part of a lineage is beneficial and creates good karma.

All ‘religions’ have sects, and sects have sects. Then there are individual teachers, and even their students divide into types, which shows how sects are created. But there is something in the lineage that holds it all together. This is important because there are times when we doubt, or feel lethargic, or get too carried away with ‘siddhis’ that we need an anchor. That is the power of Lineage.

Can one have several lineages? If it helps, why not?

Just reading a name may be uplifting. Maybe it’s a karmic connection 🙂

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