To Go Placidly Or Not To Go Placidly…?

There is tranquil, comfortable, stillness of the mind, and there is the sharp clarity of rigpa essence which is ultimate reality – pure awareness. They are not the same, but stillness can lead to pure awareness. If we make the mistake of believing they are the same, then we can fall into dullness…going placidly.

In the Nyingma tradition, this is known as the difference between the eighth and ninth consciousnesses – the alaya and rigpa* – being aware and pure awareness itself. Going placidly may seem the sane way, but it just misses the clear view. Going placidly is too loose, as opposed to going excitedly, which is too tight.

This can only be seen in the stillness of meditation.
The difference between stillness and sharp presence
is very subtle…
make that extremely subtle!





* type in search for details of alaya and rigpa, or eighth and ninth consciousnesses.

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