Smashing The Programming

Even though we try to break out of this mental maze of concepts that we have adopted – and which has been pumped into us since childhood – we are using the very same programme to achieve this. We try and think our way out, or adopt some crazy method, which only results in further imprisonment.

Tibetan Buddhism has many methods for liberation, but we have to be very careful that the method itself isn’t causing an obstruction. We can use antidote methods such as ‘cutting through’, ‘piercing’, ‘penetrating’ and ‘exhausting’ the mind’s preconceived ideas, but ultimately, it is the realisation that the programming never existed in the first place: this is the Maha Ati/Dzogchen approach, totally smashing – and not merely chipping away at – all concepts held.

We reach a point of total confusion, to the extent that there is nothing to hold on to. We achieve mere knowingness in unknowing. The shock of emptiness! In emptiness, anything is possible, as there are no obstacles. At the moment, we are ‘stroking’ the programme, as we are ‘sort of’ aware… 😀

The degree of awareness we have about our fixations in the mind will determine how quickly and directly ‘total destruction’ takes place. If we hang on to any ideas, these merely cloud the issue, the view.

We know there are many bad, deluded people in the world.
We know that there are many deluded people in the world.
So who isn’t? Hmm…everyone is deluded!
Now the wisdom knife is sharper.

As long as we keep wisdom a mystery, we can play at being humans, holding a vague idea that there is something more. This means we think, “It’s not for me at this moment, thank you!” We feel separated from ‘enlightenment’ because we believe it is unknowable. As long as we are lorded over by the promotion of an idea of mystery, we will feel inadequate, and therefore needy.

All methods come down to pure awareness, and it is directly accessible now!
It is what is reading this without comment.
It’s that simple.

Who wants to smash themselves?
😀 😀 😀

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  1. marcel says:

    Interesting post Tony! I found that, with emptiness comes a growing awareness of all kind of projections. This, at first, can be pretty intimidating. At the same time, there is less and less to hold on to, which helps to counterbalance the increasing awarness. Nothing sticks really..

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