To Conform Or To Differ?
Once We See, We Cannot Not See
The light’s on!

Conform: comply, abide by, obey, follow, keep to, hold to, adhere to, stick to, cling to…

Differ: deviate from, depart from, run counter to, contradict, contrast with, conflict with, be in opposition to, go against…

Buddhist teachings speak of ‘smashing’, ‘cutting through’, ‘piercing’, ‘penetrating’ and ‘exhausting’ the mind’s conventional programming: these are not terms of conformity, compliance, abiding by, obeying, observing, following, keeping to, holding to, adhering to, sticking to, clinging to….

Conforming to others’ standards keeps the light turned off.
Others wants us to conform because being different makes people feel uncomfortable, threatened and aggressive. Once we see the trap of conformity, we are free.

Are we to conform to human standards, or spiritual standards? Human “love” or spiritual love?

If we are well balanced, the spiritual will influence the human, revealing genuine kindness through understanding.

If, on the other hand, we conform to human standards, we are controlled by desire, fear and ignorance.

We are spiritual beings – beings of unchanging, pure awareness embodied in temporary human forms through ignorance of our true nature*. We are part of the collective karma of humanity, here to realise our true nature and help one another. Our natural nature is loving kindness – we all know and feel this within our hearts – but we have been brought down through desire, fear and ignorance.

Once we see,
we cannot not see.

Clear seeing is the nature of all beings.
Our pure nature is no different from a Buddha’s.
How that is expressed will be naturally different.

*If you’re looking for aliens, you don’t have to look too far 😀 Since beginningless time, we have been everyone’s mother and in every shape and form…but have forgotten.

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