Q. Where is confusion?

A. It is in the conflict between essence and ideas.

Programme: coded instructions for the automatic performance of a task – pre-written.
Karmic formation: conceptual imprints in the mind that create reactions – pre-written.

Through continually calculating, we are pre-writing and encoding our destiny, creating more confusion!

As long as we think or believe that there is a heaven and a hell – a samsara and nirvana – we will remain guilty and confused, giving rise to hope and fear. These are merely ideas in the mind, contrived and misinterpreted by middlemen or intercessors, promoting ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Reality is right in the middle, neither one nor the other but resting in the unity of recognition of the reflections in the mind. The moment the reflection – the movement in emptiness – is recognised, emptiness is remembered. Gradually, this becomes instantaneous.

We are holding on to a mistaken reflection. This is a very simple, very subtle but very powerful mistake. Confusion and delusion are not ‘out there’ on big display boards: they are minute misunderstandings giving rise to subtle ideas which produce karma/programming. Pure awareness is constantly looking at reflections in the mind and calling them ‘me’ and ‘mine’. Once we do this, we are prey to mara-demons that can feed off us, blessing us with more confusion. This is precisely what the religion of consumerism is all about.

The antidote is recognition and regret. We have to stop falling into the same old pattern of behaviour, as it reveals a lack of control. Take a fresh look without comment. In the recognition of pure perception, there is no confusion: confusion lies only in the lazy interpretation.

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3 Responses to Q. WHERE IS CONFUSION?

  1. su says:

    Many years ago I had an experience doing artwork where this thought occured to me “Concept is not the essence of anything.” In that moment time and space collapsed and I was 3 pointed consciousness. My body was completely breathed and I was looking at it through the 10 foot energy body. I breathed the physical but I was not involved in that. I identified with the energy body but that body was not the One looking. Spent a couple of blissful days in the zone and returned to normal consciousness. Pivotal moment. Concept is not the Essence of anything.

    • tony says:

      That’s an interesting phrase. I shall ponder.

    • tony says:

      “Concept is not the essence of anything.”

      Everything seems to be created by attraction and repulsion – desire and aversion – causes and conditions. Abstract feelings then form and ideas and concepts arise. Words and activity then take place. There are many stages before a thought fully forms. When we walk into a room full of people, attraction and repulsion create what we do next.

      The inherent nature of everything is impermanence – having no permanent reality, as nothing lasts. So the essence of everything (from a buddhist point of view) is emptiness. Things are empty of any true reality, just a seeming reality for a moment in time. Actually time only exists because of the illusion of things having a beginning, a middle and an end. If we speed up time – a million year in a second, then everything is a mere flash in the pan! Pure awareness just watches.

      The reason this is important is so we do not over value and cling to anything.

      As artists there is always the next project, or creation, the next idea to inspire or entertain.


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