Auspicious Moments

Auspice – a divine or prophetic token.

An abstract feeling can arise, and synchronistically, we pick up a text and find a description that fits. Spiritual life is funny that way: even something annoying is auspicious. Actually, everything that happens seems to be significant…and things that don’t happen are also significant!

We may just decide to do something without doubt, and it turns out to be meaningful and even enlightening.  Passing it on spontaneously may be an auspicious moment for someone else! That’s compassionate activity.

Purifying Karma”
by Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche III

…Practice can only be beneficial if genuine regret and genuine compassion towards all beings prevails. These experiences are not an intellectual matter but a personal and heart felt experience. Simply completing 100,000 recitations or knowing the words of a liturgical practice are not signs of perfect practice. The sign of a perfect practice is whether or not we are able to integrate the meaning of the practice into our lives. When we are able to carry out a practice accordingly, the karma of many kalpas or eons becomes purified in a very short time. The ripening of purification may arise as a headache or an uncomfortable experience: this does happen.”

Worrying whether something is significant or not
can create the obstacle of doubt and inhibit us.

Compassionate motivation can always be refined.
Just do it:
nothing is fixed!

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